Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Lambda Calculus Evaluator

Here's an application I created back in 2007 that evaluates Lambda Calculus expressions.  I doubt it will be of use to anyone; if you know what Lambda Calculus is, and you actually care about it, you might decide to write your own evaluator, like I did.  This one has a nice, friendly graphical user interface, though.
If you want to run it, download, unzip it and run LambdaCalculusGUI.exe.  You'll need .NET or Mono installed on you computer, and you'll need LambdaCalculus.dll (included in to be in the execution directory (probably the same directory that LambdaCalculusGUI.exe is in).

The application is written for .NET 2.0.  That's before LINQ, but after generics.  Nevertheless, I was using ArrayList where I could have used List<Type>.  And I was using Hungarian notation.  Boo. Programmers: do you ever look at your old code and squirm a little because of something you did that you would never do now?

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