Tuesday, March 16, 2010


For all my Cumingses: I've found images of the baptismal records of Isaac and John Cummin/Commen on-line. According to Isaac Cummings Family Association and my dad's research, they are the first two generations in our line to live in America. They emigrated from Essex in Southeast England in 1635.

The baptismal records are in registers photographed by Seax - Essex Archives Online. The register with Isaac's name is here and the register with John's name is here.

The following are images of the records themselves and my (hopefully mostly accurate) transcriptions of what they say:

Anno 1601
Aprill 5 Izecht Cummin the sonne of Jhon Cummin baptised

5. John Commen sonne of Izaack & Anne his wiffe was baptised on the 9th daye of May

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